SAM Systems

Immersion Ultrasonic Testing offers improved Probability of Detection of the smallest defects, and can provide you with accurate reporting of the size and location of sub-surface irregularities and flaws in material or products

OKOS VUE 400-P Full featured

Semiconductor Package Failure Analysis


  • VUE 400-P imaging power surpasses modern standards delivering premium FA lab features to semiconductor fabrication facilities with application specific transducers

SAM Systems

OKOS VUE 250-P Compact

Semiconductor Package Failure Analysis


  • Ergonomic design
  • Ultra-low RF noise
  • Fixed through transmission wand
  • Optional water heater for ultra high frequency short focal length applications

SAM Systems

Utilizing the very latest technologies, immersion inspection allows for internal and flaw detection. Internal and external inspection for defects or thickness measurement is very accurately carried out via the inspection software. Subsurface flaws, disbands, cracks and other irregularities can be analyzing for size, thickness, depth and other quantitative features.

Multi Axis Industrial UT NDT Scanner



  • Heavy duty submersible rotator
  • Turntable
  • Manual/Automatic Gimbal

TDM Compact 3: Multi-physical platform for advanced warpage and strain measurements Warpage measurement on µm scale from -65°C to 400°C. Warpage measurement with IR independently controlled top/bottom heater banks. Reliability testing with convection heater. 3D CTE measurement. Multiscale analysis. Scanning capability for ultra-high resolution of small area.



  • Imaging: Direct sample illumination, non-contact measurement
  • Accuracy: +/-1.5 micron or 3% of measured value, whichever is greater

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) is an important part of industrial quality management. Many Digital Radiography (DR) standards like the EN-17636 or NADCAP demand a high accuracy and reliable archiving of test-results. VisiConsult has yearslong experience with many different applications and industries. As requirements vary between industries and even companies all systems can be easily customized and adapted.

XRH Series


  • Xplus: Clear digital radiography images including live enhancement
  • Basic and modular design to reduce investment cost
  • Tailored cabinet towards visual inspection jobs
  • Designed for small to medium sized parts like castings
  • Full flexibility in X-ray component selection
  • Compact layout and small footprint

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