Indispensable in
manufacturing process

For more than 40 years, Fancort has been a world leader in Aerospace lead forming equipment and services for SMDs and through-hole applications. We offer prototype to production equipment specializing in processing high-reliability devices to exacting tolerances.

Universal System One-Sided
Flex Two Sided Systems


  • Fixed Foot
  • Plated to prevent rusting
  • Hand press or a 5000L air press
  • Easy to change die members for large variations
  • Adjustable back stop with linear slide

  • Electronic Press, Automatic Flex tool, centering station and loader
  • Interchangeable Foot length
  • Flat packs and Quad packs
  • Automatic height control
  • Centering via External Centering station

Precision tools designed
for cutting excellence

Xuron Corp, the original inventor of the Micro-Shear? blade by-pass cutting technology. All their tools are made in the USA !. Ranges for cutting from 1mil to 12AWG copper wire



  • Flush Cutters
  • Wire Strippers, Pliers
  • Rover mask, Tool Kits

ESD Protected Furniture for Professionals

Treston is among the world’s leading suppliers of industrial furniture and workstations. Their workstation design and implementation process always begins with the person performing the work. In this way, we pay close attention to ergonomics, functionality and efficiency.

ESD Protected Furniture


  • Adjustable Workbenches, Workstations
  • ESD Chairs, Reel Holder trolley
  • Shelf Cabinets, Storage Cabinets & turn tables
  • Conductive ESD bins
  • Stacking bin stands and trolleys
  • Customized solutions

Ultra-Low Humidity Storage Technology to comply with J-STD-033C

Dr.Storage - Established in 1991, Ace Dragon Corporation’s HQ (R&D and manufacturing center) is located in Taiwan. Their dedication to humidity management means that offer an integrated solution that complies with J-STD-033C standard. Best Drying, Storage and Monitoring Performance for MSD

Dry Cabinet


  • Baking 40degC Dry Cabinet
  • Sensor Look Centralized Monitoring System
  • 5%RH Dry Cabinet
  • 8~50%RH Dry Cabinet
  • 20~50%RH Dry Cabinet
  • Digital Nitrogen Controller
  • Alarm Hygrometer
  • Data Logger & Reader

Efficient Material Handling

Swedish high-tech at its best - Mycronic is a Swedish high-tech company that has been active in the electronics industry for more than 30 years.

SMD Tower Intelligent material handling


  • Material Tracking - full traceability
  • Automated Storage
  • MSD Controlled Environment
  • Replenishment notification
  • Communication with P&P machine
Soldering_Station_Pace_ADS200 | Accurex Solutions

Simple and Powerful

The ADS 200 Soldering System has nearly twice the maximum power output to make easy work of your most challenging, high thermal mass applications.

ADS200 AccuDrive Soldering Station with TD-200 & 3 Tip Bundle (120V Only)

Pace Worldwide

  • Premium Quality, High-Powered Soldering Station at a Competitive Price
  • Maximum Power Output for High Thermal Mass PCBs
  • Fully Programmable, Loaded with Features
  • Inexpensive Tip-Heater Cartridges Deliver 120 Watts of Pure Power!
  • Nearly twice the maximum power output increases performance
  • Completely ESD/EOS safe; ESD Grounding jack

Solutions For Electronic Interconnection Process

Since 1958 with offices worldwide, PACE, Inc. is a recognized world leader in the development of solutions for the assembly and repair of highly advanced electronics. Their expertise extends back to the dawn of the modern electronics industry.

Soldering Stations

  • INTELLIHEAT Control System
  • SENSATEMP Technology
  • Delivers repeatable, consistent results regardless of the thermal demand
  • Instantaneous load sensing
  • On-demand power
  • Set Back & Auto-Off functions
  • Backlit LCD screen display
  • PRC 2000 - Bench Top factory

Solutions For Electronic Interconnection Process

PACE's ThermoFlo Systems (TF 1800 & TF 2800) are the next generation in automated, cost effective solutions for area array package rework. No other systems on the market have the advanced features found on these systems or is easier to use, ensuring operator acceptance and success! Designed for today"s PCBs,

BGA Rework - TF 2800

Pace Worldwide

  • Ultra-Precise 28µm Placement Accuracy
  • Revolutionary Inductive-Convection Heater
  • Active Cooling Through Nozzle Provides Rapid Solder Cooldown
  • 4 Thermocouple Inputs
  • Adjustable Height Bottom-Side IR Preheater
  • Board Support Beam
  • Precision 24" x 24" PCB Holder
  • Auxiliary Cooling Fan
  • Motorized, High-Def (1080p) Optical Alignment System with Quad-Field Imaging
  • Single-Axis Operation
  • Windows 10 Micro PC with 24" LCB Monitor
  • Operator-Friendly Software Suite
  • Made in the USA

Solutions For Electronic Interconnection Process

The IR4100 can easily install and remove BGA, QFN, μBGA/CSP, Flip Chip and other SMD's. Featuring a 500W infrared (IR) top heater and 1900W IR bottom preheater, comprised 1x1000W IR Heater and 6x150W Peripheral IR Heaters. The IR4100 does not require nozzles. A specially-developed IR pyrometer provides non-contact, real-time, closed-loop temperature control throughout the reflow process. A Sodr-Cam Reflow Camera comes standard, allowing you to watch the entire reflow process in real time. The IR4100's newly designed Windows-based software makes profiling incredibly simple for even the most advanced applications, providing intuitive set-up, multi-stage profiling, on-the-fly profile adjustment, flux-dipping, unlimited profile storage and much more.

BGA Rework - IR 4100

  • Non-Contact IR Pyrometer
  • Ultra-High Precision Placement Capability
  • High Sensitivity Vacuum Pick
  • Sodr-Cam Reflow Camera
  • Height Adjustable Bottom-Side Preheater
  • High-Definition Optical Alignment System
  • Quad-Field Imaging for Large/Fine Pitch BGA's
  • Integrated Board Support Beam
  • Power Distribution Graph
  • Sensor Offset
  • 24" x 24" (610mm x 610mm) Board Holder
  • 6 Independently Controlled Peripheral Bottom Heaters

Unrivalled expertise

A Worldwide Commitment

Advantage Range of Laser Fume Extractors:Low airflow entry level laser fume extractor incorporating DeepPleat pre filter technology and large combined filter.

AD Series

Bofa International

  • DeepPleat pre filter
  • Blower with high airflow
  • Low cost replacement filters
  • Low noise levels
  • Filter condition indicator


Pace Worldwide

  • Easy to read LED Filter Condition Monitor
  • Self-calibrating
  • Intelligent air flow compensation
  • Two 3 Inch Inlets
  • Low Noise Level (58 dBA)
  • Can be fitted with a Mobile Cart/Silencer
  • Numerous Filtration Options (HEPA Filter, Extended Life Filter, Economy Filter, etc.)
  • Multiple Configuration Options to Suit Your Work Space

A reliable partner in your progress