The iBond5000 Series integrates the 4500 manual wire bonder mechanical design with an advanced graphical user interface. The iBond5000 Series includes 3 basic models: Wedge, Ball and Dual. The iBond5000-Ball is an advanced ball bonder used for process development production, research or added manufacturing support. The iBond5000 provides the high yield and excellent repeatability needed for every gold ball bonding application including: Optoelectronic Modules, Hybrids/MCMs, Microwave Products, Discrete Devices/Lasers and much more.

Manual Bonders - iBond5000-Ball Wire Bonder

Micro Point pro

  • 7” TFT Touch Screen Management
  • 800MB Capacity
  • Windows CE-based management software
  • Internal Tools database
  • Large 6” X 6” bonding area
  • Built-in temperature controller

The second generation Nordson DAGE 4000Plus is the most advanced bondtester on the market. Representing the best-in-class, the 4000Plus bondtester sets the industry standard in bond testing offering unsurpassed accuracy and repeatability of data, providing complete confidence in results.

4000Plus Bondtester


  • Highly Versatile
  • Switch Applications in Just Seconds
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Ultimate Step Back Accuracy
  • Correlation
  • Intelligent Software

State-of-the-art plasma treatment in a compact, bench-top configuration The AP-300 plasma system from March Plasma Systems is designed to deliver exceptionally uniform plasma cleaning and treatment with unmatched ease of operation, reliability and low cost.

Nordson March Plasma cleaning - AP-300 plasma system

Nordson DAGE

  • Completely self-contained
  • Automatic matching network
  • High-quality aluminum with aluminum fixtures
  • Superior durability
  • Grounded shelves to accommodate a wide range

The NEW Quadra™ 5 is the ultimate flexible X-ray inspection solution designed specifically for the electronics market.

X-Ray Inspection - Quadra™ 5


  • Leading core technology
  • High performance and ease of use
  • Leading choice for printed circuit board and semiconductor package inspection.
  • < 0.35µm (350nm) Feature Recognition up to 10 W Tube power
  • Total Magnification 45,000 X
  • AχiS - Active X-ray Image Stabilisation

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